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Aspirations -fragmentation series bowl


Wheelthrown translucent porcelain bowl with all over pattern utilising ceramic decals- sepia tones and silver and copper mica decals which reflect the light.  Polished outside surfaces.

Size: 24 cm Diameter  x 15 cm High approx.

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This vessel investigates ideas of life cycles, permanence and decay in an ethereal atmosphere.  The work features layering of prints scanned from disintegrating skeleton leaves applied as decals to my wheel thrown vessels.

To achieve depth, I developed a process of embedding the images within further layers translucent slip, alternating areas of exposed and buried images. Over multiple firings and slip layers becoming translucent and colours become altered. I love this about iron prints, that so many colours can be achieved. Light reveals the hidden and interior images through the vessel walls, further enhancing the feeling of moving through space. Light is also reflected back to the viewer through the application of mica decals in the final firings. Butterflies, scattered through the layers, accentuate the theme of life and change.