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Small Silver Ants on black


Wheelthrown  porcelain vase utilising metallic salts and silver mica ceramic decals.

Size: 12 cm Diameter x 6 cm High

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Insured Postage is included for Australian destinations.

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This series of mostly black water soluble colour utilising metallic salts, features silver ceramic decals. These screen printed decals are designed from scans of actual rainforest leaves.

The outside surface remains unglazed but highly polished producing a silky sheen. The interior os glazed for practicality.

Often my work is driven by the materials and processes. Working with soluble metallic salts has been an ongoing investigation in my arts practice. Due to their unpredictable behaviour, they are not commonly used in studio ceramics.  Dissolved metallic salts are applied to the porous surface creating unique patterns on both surfaces. My concern is about the relationship between these surfaces, evidenced through the migration of colour and pattern.

This piece has a couple of lovely blue dots on the interior, evidence of an applied pattern which has almost disappeared.