Works On Porcelain

A Meditation on Light This work developed for a site specific exhibition, based in the rainforest in Kuranda. I became engrossed in the qualities of intense sunlight filtering into the forest. As I made preparatory photographs around the site, the contrast of intense light and shade, the revelation of positive and negative patterns was something I wanted to explore in my work. Being overwhelmed with the immensity of the trees, my gaze was often drawn to the minutiae of the site (leaves, small plants, rainforest fruits etc). I researched to find a method to directly record/impress these details with clay as my medium. This inspired me to investigate the cyanotype photographic technique, which was used in Victorian times for recording flora as direct photograms. Solar light is essential to developing the cyanotype images as well as the theme of the artwork. Continuing my current investigation of floral images and prints, I have incorporated both tactile and visual images. Layering the images reflects the visual intensity of the rainforest where visitors to the site are immersed in the dense canopy and eco-system.