About Mollie

Mollie Bosworth is best known for her porcelain work, usually wheel thrown and employing many surface techniques including decals and watersoluble metallic salts. With more than thirty years of ceramic practice, Mollie now also works with the historic photographic technique of cyanotype.

Often her work is driven by the materials and processes. Also, textures and patterns in nature influence her work, often drawn from her love of gardening and the tropical North Queensland environment in which she lives. She makes work for group and solo exhibitions and retail with occasional workshop teaching.

Mostly self taught, Mollie completed a Diploma of Art (ceramics) at the Australian National University in 2003. She has won several awards for her work including the Townsville National Ceramic Award, the Siliceous Award for ceramic excellence and an Honourable Mention in the 3rd International Ceramic Competition in Korea.

Podcast: ThePottersCast.com/365